Until the end of 2003, Holcim Invested more than EURO 15 mil in Environmental Protection

8 Februarie 2012


Environmental protection is a priority for Holcim (Romania). Economic performance, social responsibility and environmental protection are the three guidelines forming the sustainable development concept, a principle that guides all Holcim activities.

Between 1998 and 2003, Holcim (Romania) invested more than EURO 15 million in environment protection. Until 2006, Holcim will invest EURO 40 millions in environmental protection projects, alternative fuels and raw materials, further modernization of cement production, concrete stations, occupational health&safety, social projects and human resources.

Holcim Romania is committed to promoting, sustaining and applying a healthy environmental policy. Holcim searches for environmental solutions and invests considerable amounts in the development of ecological products and processes.

"Holcim's objectives regarding the environmental protection are to reduce atmospheric emissions and valorize industrial waste in order to protect natural resources. In 2004 we forecast to invest over 20 million Euro, mainly in further modernization work in the cement plants, launching new ecological concrete stations and modernizing the traditional ones" said Kurt Habersatter, General Manager and CEO Holcim (Romania).

Holcim is the first cement, concrete and aggregates producer who developed for Romania the concept of "Environmental Friendly Concrete Plant". The state-of-the-art production technology meets the latest environmental standards, reduces dust and noise emissions and allows recycling of fresh concrete. Holcim owns Environmental Friendly Concrete Plants in Arad, Bucharest-Chitila, Cluj, Craiova, Oradea, Pitesti, Ploiesti and Sibiu. The concrete stations in Satu Mare and Pipera have been refurbished to respect environmental norms, while the modernization process is continued in the other concrete stations belonging to Holcim.

Dust emissions in the cement plants decreased considerably, due to the investments in new filters and in modernization of the existing ones.Holcim Romania offers environmental services to waste materials generators by valorizing and co-processing waste as alternative fuels and raw materials in the cement manufacturing process.

It is an important eco-efficiency driver because it reduces the use of natural resources and CO2 emissions, it is economically beneficent and enables the industry to provide a service to society, by dealing safely with wastes that are often difficult to dispose of in any other way.

"We carefully manage our environmental impact at all stages, from raw material input to distribution and use of the final product. To ensure a systematic approach, we have implemented an integrated management system that covers all Holcim operations in Romania. We promote environmental protection through training and integration into business management processes", said Mr. Peter Katona, Environmental Coordinator Holcim Romania. Holcim has developed and implemented a global standard for continuous measurement of dust, SO2, NOx, and volatile organics emissions and periodic measurement of other emissions, including heavy metals.

Holcim (Romania) S.A. is the Romanian subsidiary of Holcim Group Ltd., one of the world's leading suppliers of cement, as well as aggregates (gravel and sand), concrete and construction-related services. One of the top players in the world construction materials industry, the Group is based in Switzerland and has majority and minority interests in more than 70 countries on all continents. Holcim employs more than 50,000 people operating 130 cement plants and grinding stations and over 750 ready-mixed concrete plants throughout the world. Holcim is also one of the first international players in the construction industry to have invested in Eastern Europe after 1989.Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently operates 3 cement plants, in Turda, Campulung and Alesd, 13 ready-mixed concrete plants (8 of which have been built based on the concept of environment friendliness) and 3 aggregates plants. Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently has approximately 1,400 employees.