Structo®, the multiple-application cement, available in 40 kg bags

7 Februarie 2012


Holcim (Romania) offers to its clients the Structo® cement packed in 40 kg bag for an easier handling of the product. Structo® is an all-season cement, compliant with all European norms, and according to the standards for quality, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety.

Structo® is a composite Portland cement, produced according to present standards SR EN 197/1-2002. The product is AEROQ certified (CE mark) and can be used for a large range of applications:
- reinforced concrete for foundations, pillars, girders, belts, supporting walls;
- plain and reinforced concrete for pre-cast elements;
- plain concrete for foundations and levelling;
- screeds.

"We made this change as a result of several market studies in which our clients, who use Structo®, prefer 40 kg bags. We wished to bring an added value to our products and services and, thus, we reduced the weight of the Structo® cement bag so that it is easier for handling," said Markus Wirth, General Manager of Holcim (Romania).

Structo® offers a series of advantages to its users because the concrete, which is prepared from this multiple-application cement, displays a good development of initial strength, is easily poured, ensuring the filling in of the moulds and the inclusion of all reinforcing elements, and is easily compacted, thus obtaining a compact structure and a good protection of the reinforcing structure. In addition, the concrete prepared with Structo® is homogenous, decreasing the risk of potential segregation, and after de-moulding, the surface of the element is smooth.

"The Structo® cement, launched in 2007, proved to be a success among our clients, being fully and easily accepted by them, shortly after its launch. On such a dynamic market, we pay full attention to the needs and requirements of our clients and this is the reason why we introduced the 40 kg Structo® bag," said François Laporte, Marketing and Sales Director of Holcim (Romania).

Structo® is produced in Campulung and Alesd and available at national level in 40 kg bags, palletised and foiled. In addition to the information from the Structo® Guide, more advice and recommendations can be obtained by calling Holcim Infoline - 021/208.2000 - and getting in touch with the technical consultants.

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