Second generation of students at the Apprenticeship School for Cement Industry Technicians

8 Februarie 2012


In September, the second generation of students started the courses of the Apprenticeship School for Cement Industry Technicians, which was established by Holcim Romania in Alesd in 2004. The 15 young people benefit from a two-year theoretical and practical apprenticeship program, and one-year practical training in a specific field: mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, laboratory. The program is developed in partnership with "Alexandru Roman" high-school. At the end of the program, which is fully funded by Holcim Romania, the students receive a diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education and Research and have the option to work within Holcim Romania.

The 15 young people are provided with free-of-charge lodging and food and, should they have exceptional results, they receive a scholarship. The students are graduates from high-schools or vocational arts and trade schools. They are 18 to 24 years old and come from the areas of Alesd, Campulung and Turda.

"We are proud that we contribute to the formation of well-qualified specialists, offering training opportunities for young people from the communities we are active in. This program gives the young people the skills they need for working better in a team, for assuming responsibilities, for being ready to face changes and new situations, for innovating and for solving problems in a creative manner," said Markus Wirth, General Manager Holcim Romania.

The program is conducted within the cement plant in Alesd and includes on-the-job training, workshops modules and theory classes. The projects, case studies, problem-solving learning process and various exercises are employed during the whole program in order to develop abilities for problem solving, critical thinking and team orientation.

"The graduate students of the Apprenticeship School for Cement Industry Technicians can conduct maintenance activities, repair installations, machinery and equipment used in the production process, monitor, operate and control the cement production process, and can perform chemical and physical laboratory testing. The graduates are also offered career opportunities within Holcim Romania, as specialists, control room operators, and, later on, supervisors or shift managers," said Nicoleta Salajan, Human Resources Director Holcim Romania.

The first generation of students from the Apprenticeship School for Cement Industry Technicians graduated this year the two-year theoretical and practical program. Presently, these 14 graduates are enrolled in the one-year internship work program, as employees, in one of the three cement plants of Holcim Romania in Alesd, Campulung, or Turda.

Holcim (Romania) S.A. is the Romanian subsidiary of Holcim Group Ltd, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement, as well as aggregates (gravel and sand), concrete and construction-related services. One of the top players in the world construction materials industry, the Group is based in Switzerland and has majority and minority interests in more than 70 countries on all continents. Holcim is also one of the first international players in the construction industry to have invested in Eastern Europe after 1989.

Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently operates 3 cement plants, in Turda, Campulung and Alesd, 15 environmentally-friendly ready-mixed concrete plants, and 4 aggregates plants. Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently has approximately 1,300 employees. The website of the company is