In 2003, Holcim (Romania) maintained its ascendant trend

8 Februarie 2012


Due to high construction activities in the second half of the year and its business expansion in ready-mixed concrete, Holcim (Romania) increased its turnover in 2003 by 13%.

Holcim (Romania) has managed due to its investments in quality, services and market innovation that, even since its launching under the new name in 2001, to record a continuously ascendant trend year after year.

2003 seems to be the best year for Holcim (Romania) in terms of financial and operational performance; the company had a turnover of approximately EUR 100 mil, which means a 13% increase of the turnover, as compared to 2002.

"We certainly discuss about a result that must be appreciated not only through figures, but also through the reactions of those who interact with our company. Until now we have positive results in the last polls that have been made, proofs of trust and gratitude from our clients and business partners, signals that make us proud and tell us that we are on the right way. We can remain on the top only if we keep our promises, provide quality services, be an attractive company for our employees and keep a permanent communication with our stakeholders." stated the General Manager of Holcim (Romania) SA, Kurt Habersatter.

The total amount invested until present by Holcim (Romania) SA in acquisitions, refurbishings, environment protection and business development is more than EUR 270 mil. During this year, the company invested more than EUR 50 mil, especially for refurbishment of the gray cement line in Alesd. As we have mentioned before, this production line is the most modern in the country. Another important investment is the refurbishment of the dispatch center and the commissioning of the coal mill in Campulung. Until 2006 the company intends to invest another EUR 40mil.

The premiers that Holcim (Romania) launched on the Romanian market have consolidated the image of the company and made Holcim a name of reference. Some of these premieres are: the concept of EFCP, the first guides for cement and concrete (really useful tools both for specialized and non-specialized users). We could add the launching of the first cement brand - "Holcim Superlucrabil", the Infoline, the Central Order Taking for RMC Bucharest, the expansion of the RMC plants in Alesd and Sibiu and the inauguration in Alesd, last autumn, of the most modern line for gray cement manufacturing in the country.

"The most respected business person of the year" award (in the construction field), won by the president of the company - Kurt Habersatter, in November 2003, comes to confirm that the values standing at the basis of the company's strategy are durable ones.

Holcim also won many prizes at the specialized fairs where it participated, the company being the most imposing presence.

Holcim is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of cement, ready-mixed concrete (RMC) and aggregates (gravel and sand), as well as constructions related services. In Romania, the Group owns 3 cement plants, in Turda, Campulung and Alesd, a continuously developing network of 13 RMC plants (of which 7 are environmentally friendly) and 3 Aggregates plants.