Holcim White Steps Up Marketing in Central and Eastern Europe, Especially in Romania

9 Februarie 2012


In 2003 Holcim White will continue to intensify their promotional efforts in central and Eastern Europe, especially in Romania. By making constant use of locally established organizations and synergies with local Holcim Group companies, Holcim White aims to rapidly expand their market position in the field of white cement.

Since the founding of Holcim White at the start of 2002 the Holcim Group has been going a new way in marketing white cement. With this step Holcim has created an independent business unit that operates as a specialist in white cement. Holcim White is now concentrating its marketing efforts in central and Eastern Europe. This market has already felt the first benefits of the eastward expansion of the European Union due in 2004. With a population of over 350 million, the region promises attractive economic growth.

In Romania, Holcim White is offering both technic and logistic support, as well as marketing assistance to all white cement clients. Holcim White and the local group Holcim (Romania) SA are fully integrated and very close connected through Turda Factory of Cement, one of the largest cement producers in Romania. Since its entrance on the Romanian market in 1997, Holcim (Romania) imposed itself as one of the most active actors on the cement, ready mixed-concrete, sand and gravel market. The 10% growth from last year has determined the management of Holcim to show a higher interest to white cement, a product that offers a large choice of advantages of esthetic, ecologic, technic and economic considerations.

The white cement business is an interesting niche market in the building materials industry. White cement is used chiefly as a constituent in mortars and plasters of every type, prefabricated concrete elements, terrazzo, and architectural concrete. It is also important in renovation and restoration work. White cement unites superior technical performance with outstanding appearance. The building material is modern and versatile because of its unique applications and its special workability. In comparison with most common building materials white cement offers additional options regarding colored applications, durability, and light reflection. White cement today enjoys growing popularity due to trends in modern architecture, the use of color in buildings, and new trends in the art-and-garden sector.

Holcim White aims to become the leading solution provider for white cement applications in central and Eastern Europe. The company plans to achieve this by a systematic combination of products and services that deliver genuine added value to customers. The business is based on a network of Holcim cement plants and sales subsidiaries that is unique in Eastern Europe. The business model builds upon core values and services that place the customers and their needs at the center of all activities:

  • A sales network of application specialists in over ten central and east European countries guarantees proximity to customers and fast response times. The network is completed with exclusive agents in certain countries in which Holcim concentrates.
  • Holcim White has established its own marketing and sales organizations in markets such as Poland and Russia. The local orientation of these organizations gives them strong strategic positioning - in close touch with these developing markets.
  • Using a multinational business concept Holcim White can offer major customers customized solutions through key account management. This is significant because many companies plan to expand their activities in Eastern Europe.
  • As for logistics, Holcim White uses the well-established transport network of the local Holcim Group companies. Thus good availability of white cement is guaranteed.
  • The product range of Holcim White includes a wealth of cement types. This broad offering enables Holcim White to provide optimized solutions that meet individual customer needs.
  • Research and development engineers with international experience guarantee the transfer of application-related knowledge, to the benefit of the customer. The know-how chiefly involves current developments in the field of white cement and development of new solutions in applying the material.

Holcim White is an emerging force in the white cement market, employing customer-oriented organizations and systems. The company headquartered in Zurich sees itself as a "provider of solutions" and will continue to expand this approach in 2003.

In the attractive Romanian market Holcim White is now introducing new programs:

  • Holcim White will gradually be building up a network of selected white cement retailers. This will increase the availability of white cement throughout Romania and solve the problem of expensive transportation for many small and middle-size customers. This program to ease procurement will begin on April 1, 2003 with the first four selected retailers.
  • As part of this program customers can now buy white cement in 25-kg bags. This change particularly benefits small and middle-size customers, because the bags make it easier for them to store white cement and allocate its use.
  • Holcim White is currently negotiating with suitable partners to step up the export of white cement to Moldavia. The question of exporting to Bulgaria is also being studied.

All these steps show that Romania plays an important role in the strategic plans of Holcim White. The company's strategy hinges upon the Turda cement plant in central Romania and synergies with the local Holcim Group company, Holcim (Romania) SA.

About Holcim:

Holcim owns majority and minority holdings in over 70 countries on all continents and is one of the leading worldwide cement providers. The Group is also active in the field of aggregates, such as gravel and sand, and concrete, including services.


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