Holcim Romania to invest 28 million Euro in Alesd cement plant, mainly in in state-of-the-art green technologies

7 Februarie 2012

Oradea, 28th March 2011 - Holcim Romania will invest more than 28 million Euro in Alesd cement plant in the next two years, out of which most will be allocated in 2011, in continuing to modernize the plant and making it more environmentally friendly, with state-of-the art green technologies.

The highest investments will focus on a „Waste Heat Recovery” project, which will reduce the CO2 emissions at the national level and on a „Low Carbon Footprint Products” project, that will increase the waste co-processing capacity of the cement plant in Alesd.

„These investments are a proof of our serious engagement towards maintaining the plant at a high level of productivity, efficiency and environmentally friendly standards. We are confident that the Romanian economy will return to an upward trend and we want to be ready for future opportunities of the local market”, Markus Wirth, CEO Holcim Romania.
„Holcim Group chose Alesd cement plant as a pioneer project in Eastern Europe for the Waste Heat Recovery technology, a similar investment being started in Switzerland also. The investment will have a high impact on the local community, as an important part of the project will be sourced locally”, Roman Menz, Manager of Alesd Cement Plant.

Waste Heat Recovery Project  (WHR)

The WHR Project aims to replace roughly 15% of the electrical energy consumed in Alesd plant, currently sourced from the public grid, with „greener” energy, obtained by utilising the residual hot gases resulting from the clinker burning and cooling process, for the production of steam. This steam is further utilised in a turbine for power generation without any additional usage of fossil fuels.

Total value of investment (2011 and 2012): 14 million Euro
Project completion: Second quarter of 2012

Low Carbon Footprint Products

One of our priorities in the years to come is to continue focusing on the production of low carbon footprint products. New facilities will be installed in Alesd plant in order to increase the waste co-processing capacity and thereby reduce the utilisation of coal, which is a non-renewable resource.

Total value of investment: 6 million Euro
Project completion: End of 2011

Increase of Dispatch and Milling Capacity

As part of the initiatives that foresee better customer deliveries and focus, Holcim will implement projects in its dispatch and milling capacities in Alesd. These investments will optimize operations and directly improve quality of products and services offered to our customers.

Value of investment: 3.3 million Euro
Project completion: End of 2011

Maintenance and Modernization

Our company is constantly investing in the modernization and maintenance of the equipment in the plants. In order to insure a high operational standard, various works will be implemented in the Alesd plant.

Value of investment: 4,8 million Euro
Project completion: End of 2011


Holcim (Romania) S.A. has two cement plants in Campulung and Alesd, and one grinding station in Turda, 19 ecological concrete stations, 5 aggregate plants and one cement terminal in Bucharest. Holcim (Romania) S.A. has approximately 1.100 employees. For more information, please visit company’s website, www.holcim.ro

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