Holcim (Romania) SA inaugurates the second Environmental Friendly Concrete Plant

20 Iunie 2002


June 20, 2002 - Only one week after the inauguration of the EFCP in Craiova, Holcim (Romania) SA inaugurates today in Cluj the third Environmental Friendly Concrete Plant in Romania

Today, at 11.00 a.m., Holcim (Romania) SA launches in Craiova its second Environmental Friendly Concrete Plant (EFCP) in Romania. The first EFCP plant was launched by the end of last year in Pitesti. Worldwide, Holcim Group operates over 700 concrete plants. The vast experience in concrete manufacturing provided the expertise for developing the « Environmentally Friendly Concrete Plant » for Romania. In comparison with the traditional concrete plants in Romania, this plant represents a novelty: the state-of-the-art production technology (brought from Spain, Italy and Switzerland) reduces the dust emissions, eliminates noise and allows recycling of fresh concrete. Holcim's new concrete plant in Craiova has a capacity of 120 concrete cubic meters per hour and is fully automated in order to guarantee constant quality concrete and to produce the exact quantity of concrete ordered by the client. The plant is operational all year long, as it is equipped with a heating system for hot water and hot air, allowing concrete production in best conditions also during cold weather. The value of this investment is 1 million EURO.

« We are proud to implement environmental friendly concrete plants in Romania. This concept not only uses the most modern concrete technology, but also fulfills the highest environmental standards. Until the end of this year we plan to launch 3 more EFCP plants in Cluj, Ploiesti and Oradea. Our plants guarantee high quality standards for concrete, which makes us an attractive and reliable partner for our clients.», stated Albert Szabo, Director of RMC & Aggregates Division of Holcim (Romania) SA.

In the future, Holcim (Romania) will apply the same technology and environmental principles not only in the projects already started in other strategic locations in Romania, but, in the same time, it plans to modernize the already existing ready-mixed concrete plants in Romania: the ones in Bucharest, Brasov and Curtea de Arges.

Exactly one year ago, Holcim introduced its new brand in Romania. Twelve months later, Holcim is in a continuously increasing trend, based on its clear image, the new investments and its expanding activities. Through its recent achievements Holcim is perceived to be a forward looking organization: it received awards for "Best Strategic Investment" and an Excellency Award for its presence at Expo Construct in Bucharest. For small constructors, Holcim has recently launched the first mini-guide for cement application in concrete and mortars. With the new plant in Craiova, Holcim has already put in operation two Environmentally Friendly Concrete Plants in Romania.

Holcim is one of the world's leading suppliers of cement, concrete and aggregates (sand and gravel), with operations in over 70 countries across all continents. The Group employs 45.000 people. Holcim (Romania) plans to invest more than 80 million EURO in the next four to five years in modernization of its production facilities, in optimising the environmental measures but also in the development and expansion of its business in ready-mixed concrete, sand and gravel.