Holcim (Romania) SA brings as novelty at TOMIS AMBIENT CONSTRUCT the first practical cement and concrete application Mini-Guide in Romania

9 Februarie 2012


At its first participation at TOMIS AMBIENT CONSTRUCT Fair
Holcim (Romania) SA brings as novelty the first time the practical cement and concrete application Mini-Guide: "How to build our house with Holcim"

At TOMIS AMBIENT CONSTRUCT Fair, Holcim presents a national premiere in construction customer service field: the mini-guide " How to build your house with Holcim". Initially adressed to all cement buyers, this guide aims especially those persons who want to build their house by themselves, but also targets cement dealers and distributors. Through this mini-guide Holcim creates, also, value for its clients, strenghtening in this way the principal company core belief - Customer Focus .

The miniguide meets the customer's needs by offering all the necessary information regarding the execution of safe construction structures. One of the purposes of this guide is to eliminate the traditional malpractices which over time can lead to bad construction quality and unfavorable consequences. Conceived in an attractive and user friendly format - pocket size - the guide contains also a detachable card which summarizes the recomandations of the Holcim cement applications in concrete and mortars.

Regarding this novelty on the Romanian construction market, Mr. Kurt Habersatter - CEO of Holcim (Romania) SA - states: " We consider an important part of our service and social responsibility taking care of small house builders. The new Mini-Guide offers a great help in using cement, concrete and mortars in the construction of residential houses."

Special seminars will be held by Holcim specialists at its stand: on 4 and 6 of July - mini-guide presentation, and on July 3, a presentation regarding white cement and its applications. All visitors can participate in these presentations. They will have the pleasure to discover a very attractive Holcim stand. By an innovative organisation of the space, Holcim (Romania)' s stand offers to the visitors plenty of information about the operation of Holcim in Romania and world wide, about the products and services offered and about the mission that the company has within the community. The stand is divided into three main areas, each referring through an innovative space design to one of the words of Holcim's tagline: Putere. Performanta.Pasiune. (Strenght. Performance. Passion).

One year ago, Holcim introduced its new brand in Romania. Twelve months later, Holcim is in a continuously increasing trend, based on its clear image, the new investments and its expanding activities. Through its recent achievements Holcim is perceived to be a forward looking organization: it received awards for "Best Strategic Investment" and an Excellency Award for its presence at Expo Construct in Bucharest. For small constructors, Holcim has recently launched the first mini-guide for cement application in concrete and mortars. With the new plant in Craiova and Cluj, Holcim has already put in operation three Environmentally Friendly Concrete Plants in Romania.