Holcim (Romania) launches the 1st Concrete User's Guide!

9 Februarie 2012


After launching the first mini guide addressed to the cement users, Holcim (Romania) meets the expectations of constructors and launches a new premiere, the concrete user's guide entitled "Build with Holcim".

"Build with Holcim" is addressed to the small entrepreneurs, who want to build a durable construction on a solid concrete, supplied by a proffesional supplier.

This User's Guide intends to help all those who need to understand better what are the properties of the concrete and what are specific particularities that shall be foreseen while pouring it. The explanations are provided in a friendly manner by mixing the adequate construction language with self explanatory pictures.

"We pioneer new ways of doing business with the aim of bringing satisfaction to our customers, to provide them even better service. Through this manual we want to offer support both to our clients and to small antrepreneurs, either if we speak about obtaining the right concrete for the right aplication, or if we refer to providing a start point at the stages of planning and building a durable construction." stated Albert Szabo - RMC & Aggregates Director of Holcim (Romania). "We are proud that we are perceived as a reliable company which delivers high quality products and innovative services," he added.

Conceived in the attractive, easy-to-use, pocket format, the guide "Build with Holcim" is offered free of charge during Construct Expo and can be obtained from the company's stand. After the fair, it will be available at the Holcim RMC plants in the country and on the internet, at www.holcim.ro.

Ordering the concrete in a right manner is an important element to assure a good quality of the construction. The "Order rightly the concrete you need!" form, which is part of this manual, is a very good tool that Holcim offers to its potential clients in order to help them order the right concrete for a particular application.

The specialists of Holcim will present in detail this product in the conference center located in the company's stand on May 9, at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00.

Starting from the benefits brought by the concept of environmental friendly concrete plant, launched in Romania at the end of 2001, the concrete user's guide has completed in a natural way the range of services offered to the clients.

Holcim is one of the world leaders in the production of cement, concrete and aggregates (gravel and sand), being present in more than 70 countries on all continents. At present, the Group has more than 50.000 employees.