Holcim Romania launches Tenco® - the newest binder without lime, for masonry and rendering works

8 Februarie 2012


Construction specialists, masonry masters and people who build or renovate their home can use now Tenco® - the newest binding material with additives, for finishing works, produced by Holcim Romania. Used on various types of support structures (bricks, cellular autoclaved concrete - BCA, concrete, etc.), Tenco® is a product that makes the life of construction masters easier since it does not necessitate lime for obtaining masonry and rendering mortars.

Careful to the needs and expectations of its customers, Holcim Romania created this product around attributes which are essential to the masonry and rendering work of construction masters. Tenco® is prepared easily, preserves very well its workability and allows for the preparation of a large quantity of mortar without it to get rigid immediately in the vat. The product has good cohesion on support structures and brings the economic advantage of minimizing the loss of material.

"Tenco® is a product born from the needs of a construction market that is developing and also from a careful study conducted by our team and focusing on the needs and expectations of the beneficiaries. The efficiency and quality of construction and renovation works are essential both to constructors and owners and, this is the reason why, we wanted to offer them a solution which makes their work easier and satisfies the highest expectations. For end users, Tenco® brings a well balanced ratio between the execution time of the work, its quality and the final price," said Markus Wirth, General Manager of Holcim Romania.

Tenco® can be used also in aesthetic rendering works by adding color pigments. There are situations in which the preparation of the mortar by a special recipe makes the final rendering of the construction not to necessitate plastering.

Tenco® is easily manipulated and transported because it is available in 25-kilogram bags. The package, which contains also plastic film, grants the product an extended validity period of 90 days, as compared to the 60 days of a binding material which is packaged traditionally.

Produced at the cement plant in Campulung, Tenco® is distributed to construction materials warehouses all across the country. Together with it, the beneficiaries can obtain a mini-guide for the use of the product, which contains information both for specialists in the field and for beginners who wish to undertake masonry and rendering works. The mini-guide includes information such as the list of materials needed to obtain mortars and coping, orientative recipes for the preparation of masonry works, rendering and coping, and also useful advice and warnings granted by the specialists of Holcim Romania.

Holcim (Romania) S.A. is the Romanian subsidiary of Holcim Group Ltd, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement, as well as aggregates (gravel and sand), concrete and construction-related services. One of the top players in the world construction materials industry, the Group is based in Switzerland and has majority and minority interests in more than 70 countries on all continents. Holcim employs some 61,000 people operating 130 cement plants and grinding stations and over 750 ready-mixed concrete plants throughout the world. Holcim is also one of the first international players in the construction industry to have invested in Eastern Europe after 1989.

Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently operates 3 cement plants, in Turda, Campulung and Alesd, 14 environmentally-friendly ready-mixed concrete plants and 4 aggregates plants. Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently has approximately 1,300 employees. The website of the company is www.holcim.ro.