Holcim Romania donates more than 170 tonnes of cement for the flood victims in Moldova

7 Februarie 2012

Bucharest, July 15, 2010 - Holcim Romania, one of the most important global producers of cement, concrete and aggregates, is going to send a humanitarian caravan in Suceava County, on Friday, July 16, 2010. More than 170 tonnes of cement will be donated for the rebuilding and consolidation of 50 houses in Sucevita, Milisauti and Staha villages and of the Straja kindergarten, which is attended by 70 children. The humanitarian action will begin at 10:00, in Marginea village.

"The critical situation faced by the inhabitants in Northern Moldova urged us to become personally involved in identifying the families who are in the greatest need of cement in order to rebuild and repair their houses. The Sales team of Holcim Romania went from village to village in Suceava County and thus we managed to indentify a severely affected kindergarten and completely destroyed or partially damaged houses. We will donate cement so that each of the affected families can rebuild their houses", said Markus Wirth, CEO of Holcim Romania, who will join the humanitarian caravan on Friday.

To the Kindergarten Number 2 in Straja village, which is attended by 70 children in the area and which was repeatedly affected by water, Holcim Romania will donate a 22 cement tones truck - enough to build a protective dike against other possible floods and to consolidate and perform all the necessary repairs.

The humanitarian caravan also aims at helping individuals. 30 severely damaged houses in Sucevita will be rebuilt as a result of this donation. Holcim Romania also helps 2 families in Voivodeasa, whose houses were taken by the waters. Holcim will also support 20 families in Milisauti, who will receive cement in order to consolidate their houses.

The individual donation offered by Holcim consists of more than 8 tonnes of cement for the totally damaged houses and about 3 tonnes of cement for the houses which need major repairs. The total value of the campaign organized by Holcim Romania in Suceava County amounts to EUR 25.000.

"The involvement of Holcim Romania is a human response and a sign of solidarity, necessary in these times of extreme hardship. It's not the first time when we join with donations for the people who need cement to reconstruct their houses. This type of initiative is part of our sustainable development engagement, which is present in all our actions", said Markus Wirth.

The cement will be donated through the humanitarian caravan, which begins on Friday at 10:00, on the platform situated near the exit from Marginea to Sucevita. Donations will be made based on the lists elaborated through the assessments made by the employees of Holcim Romania.


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