Financial indicators of Holcim (Romania) for 2007

7 Februarie 2012


Although the turnover of Holcim (Romania) increased by 28% in 2007 as compared to 2006, the gross profit (before tax) of the company decreased by 33%. The decrease of the profit before tax was due to the higher increase of operational costs than net sales, on one hand, and, on the other hand, by the excessive depreciation of local currency against the euro towards the end of 2007, which generated a financial loss (due to different exchange rates applied for the debts expressed in euro). In addition, in 2006 the registered financial profit was also generated by the higher appreciation of local currency against the euro.
Type of financial situation 2006 2007
Balance Sheet Indicators lei lei
< TD>Fixed assests - Total 860,678,446 1,445,955,431
Current assets -Total, out of which 146,141,657 207,630,425
Stocks (materials, ongoing production, half-finished products, finite products, goods, etc) 63,894,749 120,539,581
Cash and bank accounts 1,491,851 256,861
Account receivables 79,277,097 86,833,983
< EN-Administration SPAN mso-fareast-font-family: FONT-FAMILY: black; COLOR: 11pt; FONT-SIZE:>Equity - Total, out of which - -
Public Equity - -
Provisions for risks and expenses 39,064,867 46,044,157
Debts Total 446,815,120 836,638,329
Profit and Loss Indicators    
Turnover 774,723,654 989,998,690
Total revenue 876,154,828 1,034,609,637
Total expenditures 668,827,774 895,703,995
Gross profit of the financial period 207,327,054 138,905,642
Gross loss of the financial period - -
Net profit of the financial period 174,943,055 114,553,963
Net loss of the financial period - -