"Build Your Environment!" - optional subject in primary and secondary education

7 Februarie 2012


Holcim (Romania) together with CONCEPT Foundation and the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth have the pleasure to announce that, starting with the school year 2007 - 2008, the educational project "Build Your Environment is part of the national curriculum of optional subjects for pupils in primary and secondary cycles.

"Create Your Environment!" is an educational project initiated by Holcim (Romania), implemented in collaboration with CONCEPT Foundation and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, aiming at pupils from third to seventh degrees. One of the most important components of the project was the elaboration of three sets of educational publications: the educational support for pupils from third to seventh grades, the methodological guide for teachers of third to seventh grades, and the dictionary of specialised terms. These materials are available in electronic format and can be downloaded free-of-charge from this address: http://web.concept.ro/download/CDEco.rar.

The projects targets to form a civic behaviour of environmental protection among children and, in the same time, to familiarise them with specialty terms. This the reason why, in order to support teachers, "the methodological guide for this optional subject aims the overview (through the themes of the learning units) and the significant details, by making available basic elements of teaching strategies, indicating educational resources and evaluation forms/instruments. For the development of this material, we aimed to focus the education on the pupil," declared the authors of the materials.

"The notice of the Ministry of Education and Research strengthens our conviction that our initiative really responds to the information needs of the young generation and it does it in an adequate manner, which is appreciated by the teachers. Our approach targeted attractive and interactive ways for the young generation to relate with the environment. Thus, we have supported information campaigns on environmental protection, developed by pupils in their schools and cities, and also exhibitions on environment, engaging them also into creation and communication contests on environmental issues, and also into sanitation activities in their neighbourhood or school," declared Luminita Oprea, Communication Manager, Holcim (Romania).

For three years, "Create Your Environment!" was implemented as pilot project in some 25 schools across the country, firstly in third and fourth grades and finally to the seventh grade.

"The suggestions received from the teachers allowed us, on one hand, to check the applicability of the project and, on the other hand, to determine us to extend the reach of the target group due to the interest showed by pupils. I am pleased to state that the implementation in Romanian schools of Create Your Environment! As this optional subject is a success with which everybody involved is proud of: Holcim (Romania), the teachers from the pilot schools, CONCEPT Foundation and , last but not least, the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth which has been always close to us with their expertise and competencies," underlined Radu Mateescu, Executive President of CONCEPT Foundation.

During the next two years, Holcim (Romania) will fund the organisation of the national school contest "Create Your Environment!" and invites all schools that opted for the implementation of this subject to participate. The national contest is organised by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth.

For more information, please contact CONCEPT Foundation, phone 021-311 12 52, e-mail mcugler(at)concept.ro, contact person Monica Cugler, or Holcim (Romania), phone 021-231 77 08, contact person Luminita Oprea.

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