Air, water, fire and earth - "Holcim (Romania) is part of your world" at Construct Expo 2004

8 Februarie 2012


Between May 5-9th 2004, Holcim (Romania) invites all visitors of Construct Expo to its new stand, a world of metaphor, based on interactivity and creativity.

This year's creative stand design makes the visitor think about a place where reality joins metaphor. By clever space arrangement, a cement truck has been transformed into a magic universe, where one can meet symbols at every step.

"For the past years we invited Construct Expo visitors to enter our world, "Holcim's world", and experiment it. This year we offer our visitors an interactive demonstration, a fabulous, inspired journey. Holcim becomes the visitors' world and lets them experience the four basic elements of the alchemists and the close link to our products and services", said Kurt Habersatter, General Manager and CEO Holcim (Romania).

Holcim mediates its clients and partners relationship with nature and environment, transforming the natural elements (air, water, fire and earth) into ecological products and special services.

Holcim uses air to ease communication (IT zone within the stand) and solid construction (gray cement) as well as solid and aesthetic works made of white cement. The water and the fire are used to create a special kind of cement, to make it easier to build homes. The water (one of the components used for making concrete) is symbolized within the stand by several oasis of water, surrounded by vegetation.

The "fire" is the core of cement making. Holcim Superlucrabil is the fire, represented by the sun that enlightens the sky. Earth is consolidated and stabilized by road binders; an ecological, economical and durable concrete road forms the path one has to follow inside the truck to complete the journey into Holcim's magic universe. Paving stones and other white cement products complete the symbiosis between the earth and the air.

All these elements are brought together to sustain the commitment of Holcim for a sustainable development and environmental protection. The stand proves that Holcim, through its products and services, is highly connected to the things around us - the natural elements transformed into a creatively used space.

Holcim organizes a customer promotion that will end with a lucky draw in the last day of the exposition. The prizes will follow the concept of natural elements: first prize will be an air conditioning (AIR). The prize representing the FIRE consists in an aerotherm. WATER will be suggested by filters that purify the water and 'La Fantana' units, and the GROUND by 10 flower pots.

Just like the last years, the stand has been created to be attractive for all kind of visitors: clients, specialists in the construction domain, journalists, potential employees and the general public. The efforts of Holcim (Romania) were rewarded by Construct Expo management, by means of the Excellency Award for two years in a row.

Holcim (Romania) S.A. is the Romanian subsidiary of Holcim Group Ltd., one of the world's leading suppliers of cement, as well as aggregates (gravel and sand), concrete and construction-related services. One of the top players in the world construction materials industry, the Group is based in Switzerland and has majority and minority interests in more than 70 countries on all continents. Holcim employs approximately 48,000 people operating 130 cement plants and grinding stations and over 750 ready-mixed concrete plants throughout the world. Holcim is also one of the first international players in the construction industry to have invested in Eastern Europe after 1989.

Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently operates 3 cement plants, in Turda, Campulung and Alesd, 13 ready-mixed concrete plants (7 of which have been built based on the concept of environment friendliness) and 3 aggregates plants. Holcim (Romania) S.A. currently has approximately 1,400 employees.