115 Children in Alesd will benefit of a Holcim (Romania) SA investment of 112,000 Euro

9 Februarie 2012


According to a Romanian saying, "it is in fall that the buds are counted". Holcim (Romania) SA "counts" now 115 kindergarten children in Alesd (Oradea) that will benefit of modern education and raising conditions.

The Kindergarten in Alesd benefits, starting this September, of a completely new equiped, renovated center, thanks to the 112,000 Euro investemnt made by Holcim (Romania) SA. In adition, as many as 80 educators will receive specialized training in this institution, that became the methodic center of the Alesd county.

"Today's children will become our future. With the opening of this kindergarten we turn our social responsibility in reality. I am very proud and glad to see the children of Alesd growing up in this nice and enjoyable environment," stated Kurt Habersatter, CEO of Holcim (Romania) SA, referring to the company's involvement into the renovation of the building.

The official inauguration will take place on October 2, 2002. As a proof of the importance Holcim pays to social responsibility and involvement into community life, the event will be attended by Markus Akermann, CEO of Holcim (Romania)'s mother company, Holcim Ltd., Switzerland, and by Hansueli Heé, Executive Committee Member, Holcim Ltd.

This initiative and financial contribution of Holcim (Romania) SA is part of a wider investment plan that the company assumed and is developing in the benefit of the communities that live in the towns where Holcim (Romania) SA operates.

Although the Kindergarten in Alesd is under the Holcim (Romania) SA administration, not only the children of Holcim's employees are attending it, but also all the other children of kindergarten age in town. Actually, this investment is the third that Holcim (Romania) SA makes this season in Alesd, to suppport the entire community in town.

At the beginning of the school year, as many as 300 children having social and financial problems were offered school stationaries form Holcim (Romania) SA. Also recently, the 60,000 people in Alesd and arround the town benefits of another Holcim (Romania) SA investement: the company donated to the City Hospital an Electroencephalograph device that will offer medical assistance and accurate examinations and results for pacients with cardiac and neurologic problems.

These engagements are proof of the active social role Holcim (Romania) SA takes in the community's life and demonstrate that the company is a trusted partener to people and the communities.