Holcim Romania installed 40 black spot road signs on major national roads, in partnership with the Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads and the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police – Road Unit


Bucharest, 23 August 2016: The “black spot” road signs were installed on several of the major national roads across Romania. Their location was determined with the help of experts in road safety within the Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads and the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police – Road Unit, taking into consideration the routes most frequently used by the vehicles carrying Holcim products.

“This initiative is part of our company’s Road Safety Program, launched in 2015 and aimed at decreasing/reducing as much as possible the number of road accidents which may occur on high-traffic routes, known for the increased level of danger they pose. Considering that we currently have 500 trucks constantly delivering our products, we have a direct responsibility towards protecting the life of our employees and partners, as well as of those transiting these critical high-traffic areas”, declared Alina Cristea, Manager Sustainable Development Holcim Romania.

Holcim developed this project in collaboration with ARILOG organization which promotes information and good practice sharing between logistics, transport and supply chain management sectors.

“On average, one person dies every four hours on the roads in Romania, and our country ranks first at EU level in number of deaths in road traffic. Beyond discussions on the poor state of our infrastructure, we believe the private sector and the civil society should be involved in tackling this phenomenon, and we are glad that a company of Holcim’s scale is taking significant steps in terms of road safety. The responsibility is not only with those who build and maintain road infrastructure, but also with those who use it, whether it is pedestrians, drivers or companies”, declared Ion Lixandru, Vice President of ARILOG organization.

“We would like to thank Holcim Romania and ARILOG organization for their initiative, as well as for being actively involved in the implementation of this project, with its main objective to improve road safety by raising awareness among drivers on road sectors with high risk of accidents.

This project carried out in partnership with private companies is extremely important because this way we hope more companies, institutions, as well as civil society become aware of the fact that only by working together we will reach the target set at EU level of 50% reduction of the number of injured persons and casualties due to road accidents, by 2020”, declared Ioan Bârsan, Deputy Director-General within CNADNR.

“We welcome the initiative of Holcim Romania and ARILOG and we hope this project draws the attention of as many players as possible from the road transport infrastructure and we would like to reiterate that we are open to any collaboration designed to improve road safety on the network of national roads and motorways.

As part of this project, we decided to flag additional black spots, as these road sectors account for the lowest level of road safety, a fact given by their very own definition: the black spot in Romania is a road sector with high risk of accidents stretching on 1 km and where at least 10 serious accidents resulting in at least 10 deaths or severely injured persons occurred over the past 5 years”, declared Ecaterina Munteanu, Traffic Safety and Monitoring Unit within CNADNR.

The road signs are 1.1 meters high and approximately 2.5 meters wide and mark an overall number of 20 black spots on the road, being installed on each travelling direction. Please find below the full list of the locations selected for installing a sign:



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