Holcim Romania continues the campaign for the rehabilitation of school sports fields and provides pupils with a new sports ground


Aleșd, May 17th, 2016: Holcim Romania has inaugurated today, May 17th, a new multifunctional sports field, in Constantin Șerban Aleșd Theoretical High School. The field was built following an investment of 25.000 Euro, and the initiative is part of Holcim hands you the rally of good deeds project. The field was inaugurated with a demonstrative football match between the high school team and a team comprising Holcim Romania employees, to which local authorities and high scholars participated.

Currently the Constantin Șerban Aleșd Theoretical High School is attended by 1.400 1st – 11th grade pupils, while the school boasts with an extended array of sports achievements. Among them we include second place at county tetrathlon competition for girls and second place in the national handball competition for boys in 2009 – 2010, first position in the county cross running competition for girls and second place in the regional edition of the handball competition for boys in 2011 – 2012, second place in county basketball competition for boys and third in county football competition for boys in 2012 – 2013, third place in county football competition for boys and second in county handball competition for girls in 2013 – 2014.  

“The young athletes have participated throughout time in many sports competitions organized at municipal, county and even national level and brought back awards obtained in football, handball, tetrathlon, basketball and cross. The high school also takes pride in a female football team comprising girls of primary education level, a team which qualified in the national football competition for children 2015 – 2016 edition. We are excited about Holcim Romania’s initiative to rehabilitate our sports field which was in a precarious state, thus encouraging pupils to represent us in as many sports competitions as possible”, declared Alina Buzle, Principal of Constantin Șerban Aleșd Theoretical High School.

“Holcim Romania places great emphasis on the three main areas of interest: education, infrastructure and development of communities, a fact proven and strengthened by the entire project Holcim hands you the rally of good deeds. We support the development of children and take pride in our contribution to the future of the students in Aleșd, a locality in which our company operates. The rehabilitation of the multifunctional sports field of Constantin Șerban Aleșd Theoretical High School is part of the company’s strategy to build the foundation of future generations. We thus invite other companies to join us in this unique endeavor in Romania”, declared Ignacio Arroyo, Director Holcim Aleșd Cement Plant and Turda Grinding Station.

Prior to the rehabilitation, the high school had a sports field with a severely damaged asphalt surface. Holcim Romania built a second 28 m x 16 m field near the existent one, on which concrete has been poured, than was applied a rubber granulated tartan type permeable elastic surface. As part of the project, the marking was redone and handball and basketball gates were installed, as well as basketball bins.  

In addition to that, the company decided to rehabilitate the surface of the existent field by redoing the marking and installing a protecting net, as well as rehabilitating the steps of access to the sports field.

The initiative to rehabilitate the multifunctional sports field of the Constantin Șerban Aleșd Theoretical High School is part of Holcim hands you the rally of good deeds, a program initiated two years ago. Due to this program, more than 3.000 pupils in Romania are now able to fully enjoy sports activities under the best and safest conditions, within the schools they attend, thus encouraging them to obtain high sports performances. As part of the program, Holcim Romania also rehabilitated two more sports fields: a basketball field in Câmpulung Technical College worth of 19.000 Euro and a football field in Alexandru Ioan Cuza National College in Focșani worth of 15.000 Euro. 

About Holcim Romania

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