François Petry has been elected member in the Managing Board of the Foreign Investors’ Council – FIC


On May 14th, François Petry, CEO Holcim Romania, was elected member of the Managing Board of the Foreign Investors’ Council – FIC. According to the articles of association, the term of the Board is one year, in between the two General Assemblies of the organization.

The Foreign Investors’ Council – FIC is the association of the leading foreign investors in Romania. FIC was established in 1997 and started its activity with 25 members, currently counting 120 member companies with aggregate investments in Romania that account for two thirds of the total foreign direct investments since 1990.

The main goal of the Managing Board is to continue dialogue with the authorities with regard to those measures and policies with a positive impact on economic growth, to encourage foreign investments and improve the business environment so as to contribute to the country’s sustainable development.

“I am honored to have been nominated as a member of FIC Board and I wish that together we will continue the good cooperation between the authorities and the business environment, in order to leverage as many business opportunities for Romania as possible”, stated Francois Petry.

François Petry has been CEO of Holcim Romania since February 2014 and Chairman of the Romanian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce (CCE-R) since October 2014. Petry was elected in the new position following a vote in the General Assembly on October 22nd, 2014. CCE-R is a non-profit association whose role is to facilitate business relations between Switzerland and Romania and foster business opportunities for its members, as well as to provide economic and business intelligence and consultancy to its members and potential partners. The Association is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland.