Holcim Romania is launching the new range of special concretes EX3


Bucharest, October 14th, 2014 – Holcim Romania, one of the world’s leading producers of cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates, is launching the new range of special concretes EX3, specially designed for the most innovative construction projects.

The EX3range comprises concretes which have been specially designed to meet the future challenges in constructions, whether we speak about skyscrapers that are hundreds of meters high, which require high-strength concretes, or about heavy concretes acting as an anti-radiation shield, concretes specially designed to drain rainwater or even decorative concretes. The EXrange is divided into three categories:

  • EX3 Performance – special high-performance concretes (self-compacting, high-strength, pervious self-draining concrete, etc.)
  • EX3 Esthetics – special decorative concretes (imprinted, colored, concrete with exposed aggregates, polished concrete)
  • EX3 Concept – special concretes customized for specific needs

„With the new special concrete range, Holcim is addressing the market needs, whilst preparing to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Architects and designers are developing more and more unconventional buildings and we are here to provide the products and solutions they need. The EX3concrete range is our vision of the future in constructions. With the EX3 concrete range, we know what the future is built of.” said François Pétry, General Director, Holcim Romania.

By launching the new special concrete range EX3, Holcim Romania is providing top-notch solutions on the constructions market, targeting architects and developers of modern buildings, as well as those who wish a special construction, requiring a new technical solution or to integrate a certain level of sustainability.

„We have developed the special concrete range EX3as we are permanently striving to overpass our own limits and provide our customers with the most performing and most efficient solutions that can meet the challenges of the projects in which we are involved. Therefore, the new range meets three major requirements: performance, esthetics and customization”, declared Anca Alexandru, RMX and Aggregates Director, Holcim Romania.

The new range of special concretes was developed in Holcim’s Technical Center. Holcim Romania specialists are conducting research and development activities, which are instrumental to the development and optimization of the service and product portfolio.

Holcim Romania is also launching the self-compacting concrete, the first product developed in the new range, under the EX3 Performance series. The self-compacting concrete has already been used in various projects, proving its benefits in use.

„The self-compacting concrete is the result of hard work and extensive testing. We have developed this concrete with superior workability, flowing and ensuring complete filling of the formworks, compacting under its own weight, thus obtaining a resistant and durable concrete. At the same time, due to the easy and fast placement characterizing this type of concrete, our customers also benefit from reduced overall project costs”, declared Elena Lipan, Manager of Holcim Romania Technical Center.

The concrete division of Holcim has been present in Romania for 13 years, having 14 environment-friendly ready-mixed concrete plants. Throughout the past 13 years, the division has delivered over 5 million cubic meters of ready-mix concrete for more than 22,000 projects in the following areas: infrastructure, residential projects, office buildings, shopping centers, civil engineering, including Sky Tower Bucharest, Bucharest metro line 5, rehabilitation of the Bucharest Mayoralty building, Floreasca Business Center, Floreasca Park, highway sections, national, county and local roads. We deliver over 100 types of common concretes every year and since we have started the ready-mix concrete activity on the local market, and up to this moment, we have created over 1,700 concrete mixes specifically designed for our customers’ projects.

About Holcim Romania

Holcim (Romania) S.A. owns 2 cement plants in Câmpulung and Alesd, one grinding station and a cement terminal in Turda, 14 environment-friendly ready-mixed concrete plants, 3 aggregates plants, 2 special binders plants and one cement terminal in Bucharest. Holcim (Romania) SA employs around 800 people. For additional information, please visit the company’s website at www.holcim.ro

Holcim is one of the leading providers of cement and aggregates (sand and gravel), concrete and asphalt, as well as related services. The Group holds minority and majority interests in about 70 countries on all continents.