Holcim (Romania) SA donated a digital Electroencephalograph to the City Hospital

9 Februarie 2012


More than 60,000 people in Alesd and in neighbourhood have more health chances thanks to the digital Electroencephalograph device donated by Holcim (Romania) SA.

The citizens of Alesd, who previously had to travel 40 km to Oradea to make vital medical analysis, have now the possibility to check their heart state at the City Hospital in their town.

"Given the fact that heart diseases are the most common affections in Romania, we considered such a donation as mandatory. We are honored and proud to participate at improving health standards in the communities where our company activates," stated Kurt Habersatter, CEO of Holcim (Romania) SA.

The equipment, in a total value of USD 6,000, will be especially used to help patients suffering of cardiac and neurological diseases.

The digital Electroencephalograph device is used in the Internal Section of the Hospital and offers live results about the patients' health state. Thanks to its high performances, medical analysis and diagnosis are expected to be more accurate and precise.

This initiative is a part of a wider social investment plan that Holcim (Romania) SA assumed: after renovating the Kindergarten center in the town and offering school stationeries to children with financial and social problems, the donation to the City Hospital will be followed by other investments that Holcim (Romania) SA will make in the benefit of the community.

These initiatives prove, once again, that for Holcim (Romania) SA, social responsibility is not only a principle, but also a reality.