A celebration day in Alesd: Open Doors Day in Holcim Cement Plant from Alesd

2 Iulie 2012

Alesd, 2 July 2012 – Holcim Romania organized the Open Doors Day today at Alesd Cement Plant, with the occasion of Holcim Group’s 100 years of activity in the world and 15 years of presence in Romania. Authorities and community members were invited to this event, having the opportunity to visit one of the most modern cement plants in Eastern Europe.

As of 2000, since its takeover by Holcim, Alesd Cement Plant benefited from total investments in excess of EUR 175 million. Following the complex modernizations brought by Holcim, the entire production process is today based on the use of the latest technologies in the field and their safe operation, which turns Alesd facility into one of the most modern in Eastern Europe and an example of eco-industry.

Modernization projects

• First wide-scope investment project, in the amount of EUR 70 million, was completed in 2003, when the plant was completely modernized and the increased-capacity production line was made operational;
• In 2005 the automatic delivery installation with used tires was made operational;
• In 2007 a grinding solid waste installation was inaugurated for the efficient co-processing of alternative fuels;
• The program to increase the kiln production capacity by 20% above the initial capacity was completed in 2009;
• In 2011 the project “Low-carbon footprint products” was completed, enabling the increase of the waste co-processing capacity.

The most recent investment in the amount of EUR 14 million will be completed in the second part of this year and will enable the substitution of 15% of the electricity necessary in the production process with “green” energy, generated by the residual heat resulted from the clinker burning process.

Environmental protection, health and safety of the employees are the company’s priorities and, together with the social responsibility philosophy, define Holcim’s sustainability strategy.

Community support projects

One of the constant elements in Holcim’s activity in the region was the company’s involvement in social and community support projects.
• The first wide-scope project, developed in 2002, was the rehabilitation and equipment of the full-day kindergarten from Alesd.
• Subsequently, the company contributed to the establishment and development of the Oncologic Centre from Oradea and donated an electroencephalograph for the intensive care unit of Alesd Hospital.
• In 2004, the Post-Secondary School of Technicians in the Cement Industry Project was initiated, in collaboration with “Alexandru Roman” local high-school. The pupils of this school benefit from theoretical and practical training for 2 years, followed by a year of practical training only in a specific field: mechanical, electrical, operation, laboratory.
• Holcim was also involved in the sports area, promoting a healthy lifestyle through “Run with us” road running from Alesd, organized for 17 categories, female and male, starting from 1st grade pupils to veterans over 60 years of age.

“This is an anniversary year for Holcim, when we celebrate the positive results which brought the company to its current performance level, as well as the solid partnerships we managed to build locally. We mark this moment as we have evolved over time, together with the communities neighboring the plant”, declared Daniel Bach, General Manager Holcim Romania.

“We’ve prepared this event as an occasion to gather together the whole community from the area of the town of Alesd in order to jointly celebrate Holcim’s Centenary. As we have always shown through our social support actions at the local level, we are grateful to the people who are close to us and we want to thank them with this occasion. We invited them today to the plant to find out as much information as possible about our daily activity, as well as the professionalism of our employees”, declared Roman Menz, Manager of Holcim’s cement plant from Alesd.

“Since 2000, when I first came to the Alesd cement plant, the production unit went to a trimmendous change, especially because of the commitment and involvement of the team from Alesd, led by Roman Menz. Alesd cement plant is one of our top 15 cement plants worldwide and of the flagship plants in Europe. All this could only be possible with proffesional engagement of the team and with the partnership with local authorities and the communities”, declared Urs Fankhauser, Area Manager Eastern and Southeastern Europe for Holcim Group.

Open Doors Day

The participants in the celebration which took place at Campulung Cement Plant had the opportunity to take tours of the plant, where Holcim specialists offered explanations about the cement manufacturing process, as well as about the modern installations and technologies that allow the plant to operate at the highest level of performance. During this time, the children could play in a special playground, enjoying games, animations, surprises and other dedicated activities.

One point of attraction was also the photo exhibition “100 years in the world, 15 years in Romania”, where the guests could see photos illustrating the history of Holcim Group, which started its activity in Holderbank, Switzerland in 1912, as well as the 15-year presence of Holcim on the Romanian market.

Holcim (Romania) S.A. owns 2 cement plants in Campulung and Alesd, a grinding station and a cement terminal in Turda, 18 ecological ready-mix plants, 5 aggregates plants, 2 special binders plants and a cement terminal in Bucharest. Holcim (Romania) S.A. employs 1,100 people. For more information, please visit www.holcim.ro

In 2012, Holcim Group is celebrating 100 years of strength, performance and passion, and 15 years of sustained activity in Romania, with outstanding results in the constructions industry. Holcim is one of the leading suppliers of cement and aggregates (sand and gravel), concrete, asphalt and related services. The Group holds minority and majority interests in about 70 countries on all continents.