Volunteering actions "Together for communities"

Renovation of the kindergarten playground "Sfanta Maria" - April 10-11, Campulung

Over 350 children from Campulung go to the kindergarten in Visoi neighborhood every day. Holcim team made a surprise to the kids and rehabilitated and leveled their playground, renovated the fences, repaired the existing playing equipment and installed new ones.

More pictures from the volunteerin activities of Together for communities

Waste collection, tree planting and rehabilitation in the area adjacent to Holcim ready-mix plant in Chitila  - April 21st, Chitila

Because the environment is fragile and needs our support, we have decided to show our care this spring, in the area of Chitila near Bucharest. In a few hours of work, Holcim employees have collected wastes, have planted saplings and have painted the sidewalk rims in the area.

Building renovation and planting of fruit trees at the Elderly Center  - April 28th, Craiova

The Elderly Center from Craiova hosts about 200 persons in need of our support. Holcim team from Craiova has mobilized in order to give a new image to the center, by building an access ramp, planting fruit trees, installing benches and rearranging the resting place for the retired people. 

Rehabilitation of the green space at School no. 4 “Gimnaziul Europa”  - April 28th, Targu Mures

Every day, over 700 children go to “Europa” school, a symbol of Targu Mures. Over the past 100 years, the space has had several uses, and time has left a mark on the state of the buildings. This is why we considered it was high time we gave a helping hand and restore the green space, in order to give a new appearance to “Europa” school yard.

Rehabilitation of the green space at “Ioan Bob” school  - April 28th, Cluj Napoca

“Ioan Bob” school is one of the oldest public schools in Cluj, and the state of the building has been considerably affected by the passing of time. Therefore, the Holcim team from the RMX concrete plant in Cluj has mobilized in order to assembel a basketball panel, to restore the green space, to install benches and to paint the sidewalk rims and fences in the school yard.

Waste collection and tree planting on Crisul Repede river, Rogerius neighborhood  - April 28th, Oradea

The rightshoreof Crisul Repede river, bordering the town ofOradea, is known as a place of promenade and recreation for the local people. In order to make their relaxation moments even more enjoyable, Holcim team from the RMX concrete plant in Oradea cleaned up the riverbed of Crisul Repede from Rogerius neighborhood, planted ornamental trees and offered a cleaner and greener environment to the over 5,000 inhabitants of the area.

Planting of 14.000 tree saplings near the cement plant in Valea Mare Pravat - April 30th, Campulung

The area around the town of Campulung Muscel is renowned across the country for its people, traditions and landscapes. This spring, Holcim team made a stop South-West of the cement plant in Valea Mare Pravat, where they planted 14,000 saplings on an area of 1.1 ha, so that the entire community should breathe fresher air.

Waste collection on Bega river shore in the area adjacent to the ready-mix concrete plant  - May 12, Timisoara

Holcim team from Timisoara decided to provide support to the community and restore the natural beauty of the Bega canal.
The employees joined their forces to collect the waste from the river shores and Canalul Bega street, in order to offer a cleaner and greener environment to the people living in the area. They've collected 12 bags of recyclable and non-recyclable wastes, covering a surface of 1,4 km along the road.

Pitesti- Waste collection in the forested area of Trivale neighborhood  - May 19th, Pitesti

Because any forested area is a source of environmental balance, Holcim employees from the RMX concrete plant and laboratory in Pitesti, along with the employees from the aggregates plants in Uliesti and Corbii Mari cleaned up the wastes from Trivale park (Cornu Vanatorului area) in Pitesti.

Holcim employees covered an area of approximately 5 hectares, along 2,5 km of the road between Trivale Monastery, the Zoo and Faget Street. The team from Pitesti managed to collect 72 bags of recyclable and non-recyclable wastes, which were taken by the local sanitation company.

Waste collection from Soim riverbed, between the localities of Alesd and Pestis  - May 25th, Alesd

Holcim employees from the cement plant in Alesd made 3 different volunteering activities like selective collection of wastes from the riverbed and from the banks of Soimul river on a lenght of approximately 3 km, selective collection of wastes near the access road to the cement plant, near the exit from Chistag village, on a lenght of 1,5 km and the adjacent area on a surface of 25 hectares and cleaning and improving the park and the green areas inside the cement plant.
In total, 100 thuja trees and 12 plane trees were planted and 590 bags of wastes were collected and taken over by ecovalor and co-processed in the cement plant. 


Renovation of “Ciresarii” foster home  - May 30-31st, Ploiesti

“Ciresarii” foster home provides daily shelter to dozens of less fortunate children from Ploiesti. For this reason, Holcim Romania team from the RMX concrete plant in Ploiesti and from the aggregates plant in Stancesti was involved in renovating the center. Holcim team has renovated the interior of the building, has cleaned up and has painted the reception and recreation room, has donated and has installed a TV and a cable TV, has donated a fridge and gave fruits to the 17 institutionalized children.

Clean-up of Timisul Sec river from alluvia and waste collection in the area adjacent to Holcim ready-mix plant  - June 9th, Brasov

Holcim employees organized a volunteering action in Brasov, in order to clean up Timisul Sec river from alluvia and to collect the waste from the area adjacent to the local Holcim ready-mix plant. They joined forces in order to restore the natural beauty of the river in only a few hours. The two teams that participated, from the RMX concrete plant in Ploiesti and aggregates plant in Brasov, managed to collect 35 bags of wastes that were taken by the sanitation company from Brasov.  

Rehabilitation of Pinului street, the access road to Holcim ready-mix plant  - June 9th, Satu Mare

We, Holcim team, and the community where we operate, believe in mutual support. Therefore, we would like to make a difference in the everyday life of the people from Satu Mare, by rehabilitating Pinului street; in a few hours of volunteering, the employees prepared the driveway segments and poured concrete, thus showing that change begins with each and every one of us.
The whole operation was done in 6 days, the main objective of the team was to repair 3 parts of the street that were severly affected.

Renovation of the playground of St. Mary’s kindergarten  - June 11th, Turda

St. Mary’s kindergarten, built in 1977, welcomes up to 300 children from Turda every day. The Holcim team mobilized in order to offer a cheerful and colorful playground to the children, by setting up the green space and refurbishing the playing equipment.

Rehabilitation of the green space adjacent to the access road towards Holcim ready-mix concrete plant in Pipera  - June 15th, Bucharest

The Capital needs help in terms of infrastructure and green spaces. Therefore, Holcim team wanted to give a positive example, by getting involved in the rehabilitation of the access road towards Holcim ready-mix concrete plant in Pipera. The employees from Headquarters and from the RMX concrete plant in Pipera planted more than 230 trees and saplings, bringing a new green corner in the North part of Bucharest.

Renovation of Guliver foster home - June 22nd, Sibiu

Holcim employees from the RMX concrete plant in Sibiu have mobilized for renovating the Guliver foster home in Sibiu. They painted and renovated the kitchen, the bathroom and two halls from the building. Also, the team from Sibiu donated a TV and food.