Management systems


We, Holcim (Romania) SA are committed to health and safety as our overarching value, thus we conduct our business with a goal of zero harm to people. We provide high quality products and services, through our manufacturing excellence strategy. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and in particular on the limited natural resources. We ensure that all constituent materials used within our products are responsibly sourced and used in the most appropriate and sustainable manner.

In order to achieve our mission and to transpose our vision for 2030 we commit to:  

  • take into consideration the requirements coming from clients, local communities and other key stakeholders, comply with legislation in force, applicable standards, EU norms, internal rules and Group Policies and Directives
  • implement OH&S standards, define organizational accountabilities, provide the resources and support to manage performance and minimize risk to employees, contractors, visitors and the community. We give priority to safety considerations in all our business decisions and as part of our daily activities. We promote the safe usage of our products
  • measure, monitor, assess and continuously improve our environmental and occupational health and safety performances, for making a positive contribution to nature and society
  • value diversity and promote a workplace that is inclusive, fair and which fosters respect for all employees through  equal opportunities in employment, promotion, development, compensation and retention
  • set-up products and services quality goals which we measure, monitor, assess and maintain
  • develop and promote a Customer Value Mindset throughout the organization
  • apply the principles of Sustainable Development, Circular Economy  and of Environmental Stewardship as a standard business practice in our operations
  • establish, follow-up and improve the interfaces with the employees, authorities and local communities, through which we communicate our policy, objectives and the performances of our activities. We engage with the communities which are local to our operations and aim to make a positive contribution through educational, social and economic activities
  • prevent environmental pollution by implementing in our operations the best available technology and by maintaining and operating our installations in optimum ways
  • protect the environment by preserving non-renewable natural resources, increasing energy efficiency, reducing the emissions, limiting the impact of materials transportation to and from our operations
  • promote reduction, reuse, recycling and recovering of waste in own production processes
  • adopt responsible water management practices in our locations, for enhancing water sustainability, develop and launch  innovative  products and  solutions with enhanced environmental or social performance
  • encourage the adoption of the responsible sourcing practices throughout our supply chain

In order to respect these principles, we have implemented, we maintain and continuously improve an effective integrated management system, in accordance with the applicable reference documents:

SR EN ISO 9001:2015, SR EN ISO 14001:2015, SR ISO 45001: 2018 and BES 6001:2016.


August 2019                                                                                          Horia Adrian,

         General Director