Environmental Services


The investments of more than EUR 32 Million made until now by Holcim in Romania in the pre-treatment and co-processing activities, made possible the environmental services offer for a large variety of wastes:

  • oil waste (from wasted oils to emulsions, sludges, bituminous tars and contaminated soils)
  • rubber (including used tyres)
  • plastic, paper, leather, textiles, wood (including sawdust), as such or impregnated / contaminated with various substances, which come from industrial sources or sorted household wastes.
  • sludge

The environmental services are offered by the Campulung and Alesd cement plants (authorized to realize such investments and run collecting and co-incinerating activities).

In order to be accepted for co-processing, wastes are carefully analysed physico - chemically. The studies on wastes co-processing and the control and monitoring activities of this activity within the Holcim cement plants prove that the environmental wastes co-processing services, supplied by Holcim (Romania) SA for wastes generators, do not have a negative impact on the public health and safety, environment or the quality of our products.