Health And Safety Management


·       Ensure the achievement of long-term overall goal “Zero harm to people”, by preventing work accidents through the following:

-       instilling a safety mindset in the organization

-       providing a safe work environment

-       having an OH&S competency model for all employees, for reinforcing OH&S responsibility, commitment and performance

-       training employees and ensuring their compliance at work with OH&S rules

-       managing contractors and ensure their compliance at work

-       not accepting any non-compliance with the 5 Cardinal rules

·       Ensure the occupational health of the employees by regular monitoring and taking measures as necessary.

Emergency Situations Management


Holcim Romania pays special attention to prevention of emergency situations and to fire fighting. The company complies with the legal requirements in this area, acting proactively at the highest standards of security and training employees to handle properly the emergency situations.

Private services for emergency situations Alesd

Private services for emergency situations Turda