Disclaimer on the use of Cookie Files


The website holcim.ro uses cookies.

The information presented hereinafter aims at providing the user with additional details on the placement, use and administration of “cookies” used by the website holcim.ro.

This website uses cookies so as to provide its visitors with an enhanced browsing experience and services better adapted to their particular needs and interests. Cookies offer valuable feedback to website owners on how their websites are used by users, enabling them to increase the efficiency and accessibility of the websites, allow multimedia applications or other applications from other websites to be introduced on a certain website so as to create a more valuable, useful and pleasant browsing experience, as well as to improve the efficiency of online advertising.

What is a „cookie”?

An „Internet Cookie” (also known as „browser cookie” or „HTTP cookie” or simply „cookie”) is a small-sized file, consisting of letters and numbers, which is stored on the computer, mobile device or other equipment used to access the Internet.

The cookie is installed after a request is issued by a webserver to a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and is completely “passive” (does not contain software, viruses or spyware and cannot access information stored on the user’s hard drive).

A cookie consists of two components: the name and the content or the value of the cookie. Moreover, the lifecycle of a cookie is limited; from a technical perspective, only the webserver sending the cookie may access it again when the user returns on the website associated to the respective webserver.

The cookie itself does not request personal data to be further used and, in most cases, does not identify the individual internet users.

There are two major categories of cookies:

Session cookies – they are temporarily stored in the cookie folder of the web browser which remembers them until the user exits the respective website or closes the browser window.

Persistent cookies – they are stored on the hard drive of a computer of other device (and depend, in general, on its preset lifecycle). Persistent cookies include cookies placed by a website different than the one visited by the user at that moment – also known as “third party cookies” – which may be used anonymously to memorize the interests of a user, so as to deliver relevant advertising content.

What is the lifecycle of a cookie?

Cookies are administered by webservers. The lifecycle of a cookie may vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it was placed. As mentioned above, certain cookies are exclusively used during a single session (session cookies) and are not remembered after the user leaves the website, while other cookies are remembered and reused each time the user returns on the respective website (“persistent cookies”). Nevertheless, cookies may be deleted by the user at any moment by accessing the browser settings.

What are third party cookies?

Certain content sections found on websites may be provided by third parties / providers (for instance a video or a commercial). These third parties can also place cookies on the website, hence their name “third party cookies” considering they are not placed by the owner of the respective website. Third party providers must comply with the applicable legal regulations and the privacy policy of the website owner.

How cookies are used by this website

A visit on this website may place cookies such as:

  • Website performance cookies
  • Visitors’ analytics cookies
  • Geo-targeting cookies

These cookies may also come from the following third parties: Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Performance cookies:

This type of cookie remembers the user’s preferences on this website, so that it is not necessary to set them for each visit.

Visitors’ analytics cookies:

Each time a visitor accesses this website, the analytics software provided by a third party generates a first party analytics cookie. This cookie can reveal whether you visited this website before, enabling us to monitor single visitors and the frequency of their visits.

Geo-targeting cookies:

These cookies are used by a software establishing your country of residence. It is completely anonymous and is used only to target content – whether you are accessing our page in the Romanian language or in any other language, you will benefit from the same advertising content.

What type of information can be stored and accessed through cookies?

Cookies store information in a small-sized text file enabling a website to recognize a browser. The webserver will recognize the browser until the cookie expires or is deleted. The cookie stores important information enhancing the web browsing experience.

Personalize browser settings for cookies

If you are not bothered by the use of cookies and are the only person using the computer, you may set longer expiration periods for the storage of the browsing history and of personal access data. In case you share access to a computer, you may want to take into consideration setting the browser to delete personal browsing data each time you close the browser.

How can I stop cookies?

Disabling or not allowing cookies may affect your visit or use of our website. All modern browsers provide the option to change the cookie settings. These settings are usually found under the “Options” section or in the “Preferences” menu of you browser.

In order to understand these settings, you may click on the following links or access the “help” section of the browser for further details.

  • Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
  • Cookie settings in Firefox
  • Cookie settings in Chrome
  • Cookie settings in Safari

You can find out more information on cookies by accessing www.allaboutcookies.org or contacting us at communication-rom@holcim.com