Recruiting process


Thank you for your interest in a career at Holcim Romania!

First have a look at this website to get information of our overall recruiting process. If you are ready to apply, you can find here some information to help get you started.

Normally this process should take 8 weeks from the application to the final selection. However, the time frame is highly variable depending on the single search situation. We will keep the candidate informed during the selection process. Explore the steps below.



Finding an open position
You can find the currently open positions here 

Please review the list and select the interesting one for you.

Submitting your resume
First make sure you are qualified for the position by reviewing the qualifications necessary for that specific opportunity. If your qualifications match, complete a thorough online application.

All applications must be submitted online through this website. Please set aside approximately 20 minutes to carefully complete the application. Please take note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Hearing back from Holcim
When you submit your application, you will get an automatic e-mail to ensure we correctly received your information. After the review of the application, the recruiter will contact you in case you were selected for an interview.




In the following 2 to 4 weeks we will assess your profile fit for this open job. A long list with the most suitable applicants will be reviewed by the recruiter and the line manager, to decide which candidates should be invited to a 1st personal interview for a more detailed conversation.




Purpose and Preparation to interview
During the interview we will give you a better picture of who we are looking for, and what it is needed to successfully perform in this position. It will also offer us the possibility to focus on your background, experience, skills and motivation and to check how likely you fit Holcim's culture and values. We aim at sharing, from both sides, the best information to make a reflected and successful decision.

Candidates who have been selected for interviews will be contacted via phone or email.



Assessments & Background and Reference Checking

Depending on the requirements of the position and the seniority level of the role, you might be asked to go through an assessment and/or a psychometric testing. Those series of exercises will enable us to evaluate further how your individual skills and competencies fit with our requirements. 

If an ideal candidate has been found we will contact the referees mentioned by the candidate. The main intention is to find out more about the major achievements in the candidate's former work environment, learn about strengths and improvement potentials and get descriptive information about work and/or leadership experience encountered by former supervisors, peers and direct reports working with the individual candidate in a previous job.



Offer Placement & Contract signing

After all the steps mentioned,the line manager will select his preferred candidate. Human Resources will contact the candidate and place a letter of intent, covering the employment conditions. After agreement on the offer, the individual labor agreement will be issued and signed, according to Romanian legal requirements.