Andreia Necula Quality Manager Campulung Cement Plant


I’ve always enjoyed working in the laboratory, experimenting, searching for answers and finding solutions. This is why I graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry within the University of Bucharest 17 years ago. After a one-year period as a teacher, I chose to work in the industry, because that was what matched me perfectly.

In 1994, I came to the Cement Plant in Campulung Muscel, where I started working as a chemistry engineer in the quality assurance laboratory. Shortly after, I realized that the cement manufacturing process is truly miraculous.

Even though I’ve been the Head of the Quality Assurance Laboratory at Campulung Muscel since 2002, I still nurture the same passion for this field. Here I learned to identify and apply the best solutions for assuring the quality of our products and fulfilling the quality objectives of the company.

When it comes to professional relationships, my biggest achievement is that I understood that divergent points of view generate wonderful ideas.