StartCasa, a Holcim project


StartCasa is the first digital project in România, where the construction expertise is openly shared with (future) homeowners. StartCasa is an entrepreneurial project, developed by Holcim Romania, through which we aim to simplify the documentation process, by offering qualitative and complete information, in a single place, easy to understand and pleasant to read.

StartCasa won the prize for innovation out of 30 projects submitted in the competition for innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsability at CCIFER 2017 Gala. It is a pleasure to receive this recognition and it drives us even more throughout the next phases of the development. 

“We believe that any product should be first of all about people. StartCasa exists to grow together with you, the quality, comfort and safety of the houses built in România. This is the mission we take on.” (StartCasa Team)

We ensure the quality of the content, by having a solid validation process: the content is created by a wide network of experts (architects, structural engineers, construction engineers, masons, real estate consultants, financial consultants, etc.), and then it is structured and polished by our internal team.

The application offers rich media content, including photos from Romanian construction sites, where we captured both good and bad practices. Our users can also find in the app the advantages and disadvantages of different construction solutions, as well as video interviews with experts in the field.

Since the launch 9 months ago, our app was used by more than 60.000 users, from whom we are learning daily; and received hundreds of positive reviews.

We still consider the application to be at the beginning of its evolution, and such, we strive to transform it, together with our users, in a more and more useful tool for the entire construction process.

Our plans for the near future is to enrich StartCasa with useful tools for the house construction, like project management, cost budgeting and price comparison. All of these will enable the (future) homeowners to gain the control of their construction process.

We recommend to directly involve the experts from the early beginning of the project and not to substitute their important role with our app. Our ambition is to provide all the necessary information to enable the (future) homeowners to take the right decisions at the key moments in the house construction process, to avoid usual mistakes and finally to ensure a higher quality and durability of their houses.

“StartCasa is our intrapreneurial project through which future home owners connect with the expertise they need to build their dream house. One step at a time we are gathering a community that comes together... so Romania Builds Better.”

You can download the StartCasa app for Android here.