High performance concrete


High-performance concrete

For daring constructions

Development in Romania, over the last years, of several large scale projects has imposed multiple special requirements for concretes. As these needs exceed the scope of usual concretes, Holcim Romania experts focused on the development of high-performance concretes, which have specific/representative properties, adapted to these types of projects.

High-performance concretes are special concretes, developed with a view to achieving combinations of performance and uniformity criteria, which respond to more complex standards compared to those addressed by usual concretes, fulfilling also technical, as well as economic requirements.

While in the case of usual concretes, compressive strength is traditionally the main characteristic required, other properties may prevail in high-performance concretes, such as elasticity, resistance to impact/abrasion, low permeability, etc.

Applications of high-performance concretes

  • Work arts: arches, bridges, passes, viaducts, tunnels etc.;
  • High civil or industrial constructions or constructions with specific requirements or demands;
  • Hydro-technical works in aggressive environments, nuclear constructions;
  • Constructions requiring resistance to chemical attack (i.e. agricultural constructions), where this concrete can act as an inhibitor with regard to the growth and spread of bacteria and occurrence of mould.


The use of high-performance concretes brings major advantages in terms of construction safety (durability, low permeability, higher resistance to chemical attack, frost – defrost and impact), design flexibility (enable the execution of complex architectural works, with thin sections or wide-opening structures), protection of people and of the environment (achievement of sustainable constructions by increasing the lifetime duration from 50 to 100 years, resistance to weather and earthquakes, inhibitor for the development of bacteria and growth of mould) and cost reduction (rapid construction pace, reduction of concrete volume, reduction of reinforcement quantity).