Exposed aggregates concrete


Exposed aggregates concrete in the EX3 Estetica range





When durability alone is not enough

Excellence in constructions means not only resistant, safe and innovative buildings. When we say that the future will be more demanding of the constructors, we are not thinking only about the technical challenges they would face.

Some of the most difficult tests architects, designers and constructors would have to pass relate to aesthetics. People’s preferences are more and more diverse, and Holcim is prepared to keep up with the new trends. The end beneficiaries of a construction have increasingly higher expectations in terms of the design and style of the building, and we are able to turn these bold projects into reality. This is why, within EX3 special concrete range, Holcim introduced EX3 Estetica decorative concretes, meant to provide the perfect solution to increasingly complex and refined expectations.

Concrete with exposed aggregates is a decorative and sustainable solution to arrange exterior spaces – both horizontal and vertical elements (roads and access ways, esplanades, terraces, stairs etc.). In the concrete with exposed aggregates, the aggregates (stones) on the face of the element, usually embedded in concrete, are left visible to create spectacular surfaces.

Applications – Uses

Due to the aesthetic effect, as well as the durability and anti-skid effect, the concrete with exposed aggregates is used in various projects, such as:

1.Private, residential and/or commercial projects

  • Access ways, parking places
  • Terraces, garden alleys
  • Pool side areas
  • Fences, stairs, bases and decorative walls

2.Public projects

  • Pedestrian areas (streets, squares, esplanades, fronts)
  • Parking places, passes, roundabouts, sidewalks, cycling tracks)
  • Alleys, parks and gardens
  • Facades, support walls, walls

The advantages of using concrete with exposed aggregates produced by Holcim Romania  exceed the area of versatile aesthetics (horizontal, as well as vertical elements, harmonized in different ambient contexts) and resistance and durability (resistance to wear and tear, durability in time), by both functionality (anti-skid effect generated by the textured surface, possibility to be poured on sloping surfaces, easy maintenance), and quality safety guaranteed by Holcim (provision of technical support, placement with professional concrete finishers agreed by Holcim).