• Concrete is a composite material obtained through the homogenization of cement, aggregates and water. Holcim produces this mix in environmentally -friendly, automated and high performing plants and transports it to the construction site.
  • It is a material having low costs per ton of static load, easy to use and requiring little maintenance expenditures.
  • From an environmental standpoint, the production and transport of concrete require a total energy lower than many other construction materials.
  • Holcim (Romania) SA currently offers to its customers concrete made in 14 environmentally-friendly plants designed and built based on the latest technologies, which allow the achievement of superior performance in terms of productivity, controlled and consistent quality, occupational health & safety, environmental standards.

EX3 concretes range

EX3 concretes rangeEX3 comprises special concretes created for innovative constructions projects.

Selfcompacting concrete

Selfcompacting concreteSelfcompacting concrete is already delivered for a wide range of projects in Bucharest and in the country.

Exposed aggregates concrete

Exposed aggregates concreteConcrete with exposed aggregates is a decorative and sustainable solution to arrange exterior spaces – both horizontal and vertical elements (roads and access ways, esplanades, terraces, stairs etc.).

High performance concrete

High performance concreteHigh-performance concretes are special concretes, developed with a view to achieving combinations of performance and uniformity criteria, which respond to more complex standards compared to those addressed by usual concretes, fulfilling also technical, as well as economic requirements.