Romanian projects

Image: Exhibition with the Romanian projects submitted to Holcim Awards, presented at the Extraordinary Annual Conference of the Order of Architects (Bucharest, November 2011)

Romania ranked third in Europe in 2011, with 58 submitted projects and visions in the Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction competition, being overcomed only by Italy (103 projects) and Spain (70 projects).

Even though Romania didn’t win any prize at the Holcim Awards Ceremony in Milan that took place in September 2011, the Romanian specialists in construction submitted 10% from the total projects subscribed in Europe, showing a high interest in sustainable constructions and, consequently, for a sustainable future.

The results were more surprising given the fact that the concept of sustainability on the local market and that at the last edition of Holcim Awards (2008-2009), Romania participated only with 16 projects.

Congratulations to the winners and all local teams who participated in the Holcim Awards Europe competition! We are proud to be part of a global approach for a sustainable future promoted by Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Constructions and we will continue to encourage innovative projects and visions in this regard.

Main Category

Contemporary urban house, Bucuresti

Pestera Bio House, Pestera

Redesign of Izvor Park, Bucuresti

Quarry rehabilitation, Arad, Architect Paul Lucian Carabas

Urban sanguine system, Trondheim, Norvegia, Architect Carmen Tanase

Pitesti urban project, Pitesti, Architect Adriana Mihai

Ecleziastic assembley, Bucharest, Architect Dorin Stefan Adam

Baptist church HOPE, Oravita, Architect Valentin Capotescu

Pangratti building, Bucharest, Architect Theodor Paul Stancu

Office tower, Bucharest, Architect Cristian Dorin Gavrilescu

Special glulam construction for meetings and festivities, Arieseni, Architect Dumitru Marusciac

International Business Center, Yerevan, Armenia, Architect Liviu Gabriel Zagan

 Japanese egg, Nagano, Japan, Architect Iulia Adina Lehene

 Education/Sport mixed use development, Cluj-Napoca, Architect Raluca Grapa

Multifunctional integrated complex, Falticeni, Architect Dragos Stefan Dascalu

Transcentral Urban Bucharest (TUB), Bucharest, Architect Mario Kuibus

Next Generation Category

Cultural and leisure district on the banks of Danube, Giurgiu

New City Center-Cornerstone for sustainable city Growth, Giurgiu

Deva Citadel- Continuing history, changing the present, Deva, Architect Mihai Paun

Cement factory reconversion, Bicaz, Architect Laurian Ghinitoiu

A process for designing with the Rroma community, Tasnad, Architect Mihai Racu

Solving the Urban Noise Pollution Problem, Mumbay, India, Architect Mihai Burzo

Living-Street project, Timisoara, Architect Corneliu Costeat

Work and travel in town, Timisoara, Architect Alexandru Lucian Leric

Reintegration of gipsy district Kuncz, Timisoara, Architect Natalia Zatic

 The straw house project, Timisoara, Architect Sergiu Demean-Dumulesc

Romani PET House, Timisoara, Architect Larisa Miriana Mos

Commercial center with photovoltaic panels, Timisoara, Architect Delia Suciu

Commercial street and kiln, Timisoara, Architect Laura Daniela Ungureanu

House for rent- Tenant street, Timisoara, Architect Ana Simona Ciupuliga

 Urban regeneration strategy, Timisoara, Architect Miodrag Popov

Forestyard Sinpaul, Cluj-Napoca, Architect Ioan Mihai Baba