CEM I 42,5 R

CEM I 42,5 R is a Portland cement with high early strength. The main constituents are Portland clinker (K) (95-100%) and minor constituents 0-5%.

Application areas (in accordance with NE 012-1:2007; NE 013:2002; NE 014:2002):

  • cast-in-place and precast structures and construction elements with a thickness below 0.8 m, with fast execution rate, made also in cold weather conditions: foundations, columns, structural walls, precast floor elements, roofs etc.
  • structural and wear layers for roads, streets, industrial platforms, warehouses and various circulation surfaces, including sections of disperse or continuous reinforced concrete for roads
  • precast elements made of normal and reinforced concrete, precompressed concrete elements (tramway sleepers, railway sleepers, hollow core slabs, beamsfor overhead bridges etc.)
  • repairs for industrial civil engineering works, roads, bridges etc., including works exposed to the effects of freezing temperatures when they are saturated with water and thawing agents
  • art works: beams, frames, arches, beams caissons, floor slabs etc.

Declaration of conformity